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What a Difference Saying “Please” Makes

April 9th 2007

While making a quick stop recently at an airport fast food restaurant, I was surprised when immediately after I ordered and was given my change, the cashier said: “Stand on the right side.”

Not “Please stand to the right,” or “Stand to the right please,” or “Could you please stand to the right?”

The cashier simply said, “Stand on the right side,” followed by “Next!” as she looked at the next person in line and stepped to the side.

I’m not sure how many other people noticed the cashier didn’t use “please” in her sentence, but I’m guessing by the tone of her voice that more people noticed than those who didn’t.

What really surprises me is the fact the cashier’s manager didn’t notice and take the opportunity to coach the cashier on the importance of customer service, and how it’s more important to have good manners with customers than how quickly orders are processed.

It would make a difference in each customer’s experience and may very well be a life-long lesson for the cashier.

Ron Goch,
The Telios Group
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