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We Can All Be Less Critical

April 19th 2007

I read the following story that Doug Healy shared in the April edition of the Global Traveler on how we all can be less critical, and thought it would be well worth your reading in today’s blog post.  Here it is:

“After a hectic week in Australia, I was flying home to Los Angeles — and frankly I was plain (and plane) tired. Nevertheless, I’ve always practiced common courtesy and make sure to thank flight attendants and agents for their services during my flights. ”Just before we landed, two flight attendants approached me and said, “We just wanted to thank you. You made our trip.”

”While I was flattered, I was also shocked. How sad that basic courtesy should be acknowledged as though it is something exceptional.

”From that moment I committed myself to acknowledging excellent service by writing personal thank-you letters.

”In the last few months, I have written letters of appreciation to United Airlines, a tire shop, a major electronics retailer, a city planning department and a bank. Three have responded with notes of appreciation. One company detailed the frequency of complaints and the lack of complimentary comments.

”We can all be less critical and more appreciative. The more gratitude we display, the more we will have to be grateful for.

”Let’s live the “friendly skies” theme everyday, pass it on and make a difference.”

Ron Goch,
The Telios Group
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