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We All Benefit From Community Centers

September 4th 2006

I read an article this weekend about a dream some folks have in Kent, Washington to raise money to build a non-profit Hispanic community center.

It sounds like a great idea and I know first-hand the center would benefit many people.

While growing up in Illinois, I had the pleasure of volunteering at our local community center as a youth and enjoyed everything the center offered. Not only did I learn the benefits of volunteering in the community and working with people, but I stayed out of trouble and contributed to the community in a positive way.

With record growth of the Hispanic community throughout the United States, the idea and dream of some day building a community center in Kent that will provide all Hispanics with a wide range of services is an excellent idea, and one that will likely be a reality in the very near future.


Ron Goch, The Telios Group 

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