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Unique Activities for Father’s Day

June 2nd 2008

There’s been a lot of advertising for Father’s Day, and although I don’t usually plan ahead for Father’s Day, I’m thinking it might be fun to do some different activities with the kids.  Maybe even a few activities we’ve never done before.

I searched the Internet to see what I could find for unique or different activities, and here are five activities I’m considering proposing to my wife and kids to see what their interest level is for doing them.

The first one could be interesting; it would be switching roles for the day.  They could be Dad and I’d be the kid.

The second idea would be selecting as a family a service project we could volunteer our time in the community for a cause-related charity or non-profit organization.

Third, make a movie together, which our daughter did today with two of her friends.  They wrote the script, picked out the outfits to wear, practiced their lines and roles, and my wife filmed their production.

Fourth, simply be present for the kids to spend quality time with each of them and listen to whatever they’d like to share or talk about throughout the day.  For some, this may not seem like a “unique” activity, but I wonder how many of us can truly say we’re “present” and “listen” to our kids fully whenever they have something they want to share.

And the fifth idea, although not very unique to some, let the kids plan the entire day from the time we wake up to the time we retire for the evening.  My gut feeling is this is the one our kids will choose.
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