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Transform Challenges to Strengths

March 30th 2006

While running, I often observe homes, yards, landscaping, sheds, children’s play structures and everything outside the front, back and side of homes.  I look at the different bricks on homes, the different styles of porches…and gather ideas on how we could improve our landscape or our children’s play area in the backyard.

I often find myself in “observation mode” and seeking ways to learn and improve each and every time I’m at a sporting or entertainment event – alone or with my family.  It’s difficult for me to just watch and enjoy a sporting event without trying to pick up an idea or two that I can pass along to a sports organization we work with each day.

For those of you who work in sports, do you find yourself doing the same thing when you go to a sporting event, or some other performance?

It’s amazing to me when we look to improve ourselves how easy it is to find new things, discover new ways to do things, and grow and improve as a result.

I challenge you today to look around and find someone who does something – anything – better than you do.  When you do find that one thing you could change to positively impact your life, challenge yourself to improve and work towards making what appears to be a challenge for you today, a strength of yours in the future.

Ron Goch, The Telios Group

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