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This is the Week I Run the Marathon

May 29th 2006

I started training for my first marathon eight months ago and have covered over 1,000 miles in preparation for the 26 miles and 385 yards. That sure does seem like an awful lot of miles of training for 26.2 miles, but I believe each of them were well worth it.

I’ve learned a lot about myself and have pushed myself beyond limits and doubts to finish many of the runs, especially those multiple long runs of 16 and 18 miles.

It hasn’t always been easy, running on the road while traveling as well as scheduling time with my family to drop my car off at one spot and me off at another area of the marathon course so I could complete my daily mileage. Without the support of my family and friends, I wouldn’t have been able to successfully train.

This has often been the case over the years – many have sacrificed of their time so that I could win, or in this case, achieve one of my life goals and I’m very appreciative of my family and friends support.

I’ve heard it said that we should have goals that both excites and scares us and the thoughts I’ve had the last several months leading up to this week have brought both anxiety as well as excitement.

But, unlike when I first started training, or even a few months ago, I’m more excited today than scared. I know I’ll have plenty of butterflies the morning of the marathon, but that’s normal and I’m certain the fluttering will cease after just a few strides into the 26.2 miles.

So thank you to everyone who has supported my training and goal to complete a marathon. Have positive thoughts this week, especially on Saturday, when all I want for my birthday is to be able to cover the 26.2 miles and cross the marathon finish line.


Ron Goch, The Telios Group 

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