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The Online Social Networking Craze

July 28th 2008

I was introduced to social networking by a number of friends and associates who for the first time this year convinced me it would be well worth my investment of time to become involved in online social networking.

It took some convincing but I finally made the investment, first on LinkedIn and Plaxo, and most recently Facebook and MySpace.

I’ve had great experiences on LinkedIn and have enjoyed the interaction with colleagues and opportunities to connect and re-connect with people, the opportunities to connect people, and a pleasant surprise has been the numerous opportunities I’ve had to help people with various requests.

The Plaxo network has not been as active as LinkedIn for whatever reasons.  It’s been a positive experience.  There just doesn’t seem to be the same engagement among my network of associates and friends as I experience on Linkedin.

My most recent social networking experiences have been with Facebook and MySpace, and in my opinion, these two networks couldn’t be more different.

I’ve been pleasantly surprised by Facebook, the number of people I know who were already members of the network, the quality of exchanges among friends and associates, and the opportunity to stay connected in real time with family and friends with the collaborative postings of pictures, updates, and online communication.

I didn’t receive the same response from friends and associates to MySpace.  In fact, I received very little response from people I know who either indicated they’re not on MySpace or happy with Facebook and only need one or the other for their social networking needs.

I experimented with both Facebook and MySpace the last two weeks and agree, a person really only needs one of these social networks.  I believe the same holds true with the LinkedIn and Plaxo business networks; one is sufficient.


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