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The Choices We Make Each Day

August 29th 2006

Do you ever think about the choices you make?

Is it hard for you to make choices or do you find it easy? For the most part, I find making choices fairly easy, but I know for some people, making a decision – whether small or big – is difficult.

Why is that? I guess it’s just all in how we’re wired.

To me, Nike’s “Just Do It” mantra is a good motto to follow when trying to decide whether or not to do something I know I should do. There are also those times I think to myself “Just Do It” when I’m uncertain if I should tackle a project or take on a challenge.

It’s great to have choices, and that’s something many of us are blessed to have.

So today, when you’re faced with a challenging opportunity, don’t analyze it too long…”just do it” and enjoy the ride!


Ron Goch, The Telios Group 

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