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Taking Note of What Kids Say

July 14th 2008

So many times I find myself saying “Kids say the funniest things,” which usually comes after one of our kids says something unexpected and funny.

Recently, I decided to take advantage of my Blackberry, which I usually have nearby, to capture those funny stories when they occur by emailing myself a note and archiving the short story or quip for future prosperity or to share with our kids when they get older.

An example of a funny quip I decided to capture was last week when our youngest daughter and I had a daddy-daughter day and we decided to stop for lunch.

We always order chocolate shakes to have with our meal, and we usually choose the restaurant based on whether they offer chocolate shakes or not, and this one did. However, our daughter said she didn’t want a shake and would prefer a soft drink.

I was quite surprised since this has been a tradition of sorts for us for many years. She ordered her soft drink and of course I ordered my shake (I wasn’t going to let her spoil my fun).

I couldn’t help but ask, though, why the soft drink and not a chocolate shake.

My daughter proudly replied, “I think my taste buds grew Daddy.”

“Oh really,” I said with a smile. “I guess your Daddy’s taste buds still haven’t grown up yet, and likely won’t ever out-grow chocolate shakes.”

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