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Students Aren’t Interchangeable

September 26th 2006

I recently read an editorial in the USA Today titled “Students Aren’t Interchangeable” and I couldn’t agree more.

It highlights the enormous variation in academic abilities among youth, and how students run the risk of ending up in one of two tracks – “In classes full of students with weak skills and lousy attitudes or in so-called advanced courses where they find themselves in over their heads.”

The editorial explains that part of the problem is a movement towards anti-tracking, which began in the 80s.

This editorial speaks to the average student who has been left off the schools radar screen and unless parents speak up about what’s happening with our average students today – just as it happened when we were students – they will continue to receive a below-average education and not maximize their individual potential.

Let’s band together and speak up for the average so they receive above average attention and opportunities to maximize their individual abilities.

Ron Goch, The Telios Group
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