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Stop and Take Time to Listen

October 17th 2006

Our kids are always eager to share what they learn. There are times they’re so excited, I’m not sure if they will ever stop talking.

Gab, gab, gab, gab!

There was a time in certain situations that I found it easy to shut them out when I was focusing on work, or watching a game on TV, or just “not in the mood” to hear them ramble on about something, which at the time, I didn’t think was all that important.

Luckily for me, though, I’ve learned over time – thanks to our two oldest kids who’ve taught me more than they may ever know – to enjoy each and every exchange…whether it’s a short exchange or a long-winded story.

I’ve learned the hard way, though, because as our kids have grown older, it’s been a lot harder to pin them down, connect, and share in a meaningful conversation…similar to how they found it difficult at times to have that meaningful conversation with me.

My loss!

So now, when our kids try to get my attention – it’s much easier – because no matter what I’m doing, I stop and listen intently to what they have to share, and enjoy the moment.

Just one of the many lessons our kids have taught me!

Ron Goch, The Telios Group
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