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Secrets of Motivation

July 3rd 2006

Some time ago I read “The Master Motivator” by Mark Victor Hansen and Joe Batten.

It’s one of those great short reads I encourage managers to add to their reading list.

Here are five gems Hansen and Batten layout in the book to inspire motivation: 1. “Clear expectations (goals and motives) requested firmly with caring confidence and consistency.” 2. “Base all requests (not orders) on known and suspected strengths and on the emphatic awareness of needs, desires, and fears.” 3. “Insure that full training, mentoring, and support are scheduled at all times.” 4. “Continuous, confident, and caring feedback.” 5. “Expect the best, being firm and caring.”

If you haven’t read the book, I encourage you to order a copy today. Even if you consider yourself a master motivator, you’re likely to take away several other gems besides those above.


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