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Reuniting With Old Friends

August 11th 2008

I’ve had the pleasure the last few years to assist my high school class with reunion events, which has involved coordinating the search of classmates.

I’ve learned through these efforts that many classmates remained in the area where we grew up, or relocated to a nearby city to live.  I’ve also learned a number of classmates relocated to other states and stretch from California to Massachusetts, and many places in between.

It’s been fun reconnecting with friends, some that I have not spoken to for many years. It’s been interesting finding out what they’ve been doing over the years, and hearing how they’re enjoying being a mother or father, the careers they’ve chosen, and for those with kids, what their sons and/or daughters mean to them.

The conversations are much different than when we were in high school.  The conversations carry significance and are heart-felt.  The ones I’ve enjoyed the most have involved friends sharing what it means to be a parent, and the fact their kids have taught them more about life than any one class ever could.

Kids do have a way of teaching us important life lessons, and that’s something I learned early on as a first-time father, that I could learn just as much from my kids as they could learn from me.  That listening could be more valuable than giving advise.

Reuniting with friends has been a great reminder of how much I’ve learned from our kids, as well as a reminder of the lessons I’ve learned from many of my friends as well.

The neatest thing, though, is that no matter how long it’s been since our last conversation, or how much or little we may have talked in high school, the conversations now are significant, meaningful, and simply real.  That, of course, is what friendship is all about.


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