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Rebound and Enjoy Some Time Alone

May 19th 2006

How do you rebound? I’m not talking about pulling down a rebound in basketball. I’m talking about rebounding from a stressful day or a bad week.

How long does it take you to rebound, recharge and get back to your normal routine?

How long do you let anger, frustration and stress stay with you, or are you able to forgive and forget and move on to the next thing on your list without another thought of what had you frustrated just minutes ago?

Some times that’s easier said than done, or at least I know that’s the case for me.

I’ve found a great outlet, time to think, reflect and recharge while running.  It can be somewhat therapeutic in a way.  It’s time I haven’t always taken for myself and I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to get away, drift off in thought, and enjoy the moment, while also getting a good workout.

If you don’t have a time in the day just for you, I encourage you to make time and you may find yourself rebounding, recharging and enjoying your days more.

Ron Goch, The Telios Group
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