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Reading the Newspaper Online

January 17th 2007

I enjoy reading newspapers online and have for years, but my wife enjoys sitting down at the kitchen table every morning and reading the newspaper from cover to cover.

It’s hard for me to believe she takes that much time to read one newspaper, when she could read so many different mediums online.

I don’t read all the stories. I do read the headlines and pick and choose among the stories, but I’m able to get through our local paper as well as handful of national newspapers, and other mediums well within the time it takes my wife to enjoy the local paper and a cup of coffee.

I’m sports and business heavy on my reading, while my wife is much more diversified with news, but she also enjoys the sports and business sections.

Because I do read most of the headlines, I’m able to ask, “Did you see that story about xyz?” and she’ll say, “Yes, I read that” and talk a little about the story. I like getting the Reader’s Digest version from my wife, and it helps me keep up with the news without having to read all the stories.

There was a time I tried to convert my wife to online reading so we could save the money we spend (she’d say “invest”) on our newspaper subscription, but there was no chance, and after all these years, I see how this is just another example of how people’s tastes are different and its best to respect than question why someone does something a certain way.

Ron Goch,
The Telios Group
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