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Read at least One Book Each Month

May 9th 2006

I haven’t always enjoyed reading. That would surprise a lot of people who know me, since I have a fairly extensive business book library.

While growing up, I struggled with reading and it could be attributed to not reading enough…not in school or at home.

But, I learned some where along the way that if I wanted to accomplish my goals in life, I best start reading more.  Once I started reading, I didn’t stop. I continue to read more than ever – at home, on the plane, in the hotel, on vacations. I really enjoy reading and learning.

My wife thinks my reading isn’t “fun reading” or enjoyable reading, but that’s because she enjoys reading fiction romance novels and I enjoy the personal and professional development books. To me, though, it is fun and very enjoyable.

How often do you read? How many books do you read each month or each year? Is reading personal and professional development books a part of your daily routine and/or your personal and professional goals?

My goal is to read at least two chapters of personal and/or professional development each day, and to also read at least one chapter each day about marathon running.

If you don’t have a reading goal, I encourage you to add reading to your goal list and try to read at least one book each month.

Ron Goch, The Telios Group
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