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Playing and Living like There’s No Tomorrow

April 20th 2007

Are you living each day like there’s no tomorrow, or just going through the motions each day?

It seems like most adults simply goes through the motions: Get up a certain time, shower, eat breakfast, go to work, come home, eat dinner, and before you know it’s time for bed and a few hours later the alarm is sounding to start all over again.

I say adults because most kids I know and see each day are laughing, having fun, and “enjoying the moment.”

I think it would be pretty neat – and more people would likely be happier and less stressed – if we all lived our days like kids do by laughing more and enjoying the moment versus worrying about tomorrow or something we can’t control…which unfortunately seems to more often be the case for adults.

So today, I’m going to take a lesson from our kids by laugh more than I did yesterday and live today as if there’s no tomorrow.

Ron Goch,
The Telios Group
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