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Pack the Night Before

July 18th 2006

I usually pack the night before my business trips, and when travel day rolls around, I’m all set to go.

However, the day before a recent business trip, I was up late the night before finishing some painting I wanted to get done before leaving for my trip. Due to finishing very late and everyone being in bed, my only option was to pack the next day. My flight wasn’t departing until 5 pm the next day, so I’d have plenty of time to pack.

Well, so I thought.

As it turns out, I wake up to an early morning email from the airlines that states they cancelled my flight and placed me on a flight departing later that night and not arriving until the next day at 4 am. I appreciate the airlines re-booking my flight, but to go from a direct flight arriving at 9 pm that night to a connecting flight arriving the next day at 4 am wasn’t the ideal travel conditions for me.

So I called the airlines to see what my options were and they were able to find me a direct flight arriving at a decent hour. Terrific right? Wrong, the flight was scheduled to depart in a little over an hour.

This is where the fun began.

We live about 30 minutes from the airport and I wasn’t packed for the trip, but there was no way I wanted to be on the flight that arrived at 4 am. So…I confirmed the flight, ran through the house, packed my suitcase, packed my briefcase, dressed myself, kissed my wife and kids and ran out the door.

As I headed for the airport – which is supposed to be a 25-30 minute drive – I look at my watch and I have exactly 43 minutes before the flight departs.

I’m thankful it was a Sunday morning and people were likely either in bed or getting ready for church. I thought to myself, “Hopefully that includes are local police officers.”

I had to cut a 25-30 minute trip to 15-20 minutes (tops) to give me about 15 minutes to run from my car to airport check in, then hustle through security, and then run to the gate in time to board the flight.

Piece of cake, right?

Well, I won’t share the speeds I drove that day, or the how crazy I looked sprinting through the airport, but some how I made it just in time to board my flight.

The lesson here is always pack the night before a trip and you’ll always be prepared for the unexpected…including an early morning departure.


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