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One Year and Over 1,200 Blog Posts

February 1st 2007

In February of 2006 The Telios Group introduced four blogs: Telios Tips, Question of the Day, Quote of the Day, and Sales Team Thoughts for Today.

In March of 2006 we added a more traditional blog – The Telios Group Blog  Nearly one year later, the Telios Tips and Question of the Day blogs have 475 blog posts and hopefully have served their purpose as a resource to sports executives worldwide.


In addition, we have logged 251 posts in the Sales Team Thoughts for Today, 200 posts to this blog, and 344 posts to the Quote of the Day blog for a total of 1,270 posts to date.

Thank you for reading our blogs and for all the questions, feedback and ideas you have provided us this past year. We appreciate your support, encouragement and feedback.

Ron Goch,
The Telios Group
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