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NHL All-Star Game Missed By Many

January 31st 2007

I was one of the many sports fans who missed the NHL All-Star Game. Grant it, I’m not your typical rabid hockey fan, but apparently, that’s true of many sports fans around the country.

According to the USA Today, the all-stars only attracted 474,000 households, down a whopping 76 percent from the last NHL All-Star Game played in 2004.

The all-stars didn’t play last year due to the Olympics and the year before because of the lockout.

Comparing this year’s NHL All-Star Game to 2000, TV viewers were down a mind boggling 82 percent.

The NHL went head-to-head with American Idol – a big mistake – but a telling sign it’s probably time to put the All-Star Game on ice is the fact the Andy Griffith Show attracted more TV viewers.

Ron Goch,
The Telios Group
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