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Nellie Never-Lost is Worth a Test Drive

October 4th 2006

I recently took a weekend trip with some friends and our rental car came with the “Never Lost” navigation system.  I’ve actually spotted this in other rental cars I’ve used from time-to-time, but being in a hurry and not wanting to mess around with learning how to use a navigation system, I never turned it on.

Well, that would have been the case again while on this weekend trip with some friends, however, as I drove, my friend who was riding in the passenger’s seat was intrigued and hit the power button about 30 second after he sat down.

I’m guessing he was also that kid in class that asked a lot of questions.

But, I must admit, I’m glad he turned on the navigation system, just as I’m sure many students were pleased when he asked a question they were afraid to ask the teacher.

What we discovered is the “Never Lost” system – which I’ve fondly named Nellie Never-Lost – is awesome.  It’s easy to program and use, and it’s dead-on right when it comes to directions, which is something I usually need help with when traveling in another state…and even close to home!

I read the article Drivers of tomorrow won’t get mad at traffic, they’ll get around it in the USA Today, and I’m not sure why they state “tomorrow,” because this is something we all could use today.

Do yourself a favor – as my friend did for me (thanks Steve!) – and turn on Never-Lost navigation system in your next rental vehicle and let Nellie Never-Lost get you to your hotel, meetings or if you’re having more fun than me on your trips, the beach!  Safe travels!

Ron Goch, The Telios Group
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