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Morning or Night Person

February 23rd 2007

Is there really such a thing as a morning person or a night person, or is this something we choose to be?
Personally, I believe it’s a choice we each make each morning and evening.

We listen to our body and respond accordingly, or we don’t feed our brain the positive thoughts we need to get up early and have a fun and productive day, or stay up late and be in the same positive and productive mode.

Try it for yourself.  If you describe yourself as a morning person, meaning you likely hit the hay early, try staying up late and feed your brain nothing but positive thoughts about how productive you’re being staying up late.

If you’re a night person, prepare your mind – and your radio alarm clock – for getting up earlier than normal and enjoy a productive day.

As John Kehoe once said, “Your mind creates your reality. You can choose to accept this or not. You can choose to be conscious of it and set your mind working for you, or you can ignore it and allow it to work in ways that will hinder and hold you back. But your mind will always and forever be creating your reality.”

Ron Goch,
The Telios Group
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