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Missed Opportunity to Be a Good Teammate

January 18th 2007

Over the holidays, our family went to a sports restaurant for lunch while out enjoying a fun day together.

We had a great lunch and a few good laughs, before deciding to head into the game room for some more fun. However, it had been quite some time since we last heard from our waitress and she was no where in sight to pay our bill.

In the meantime, another waitress had passed by our table a couple times, surveyed our table, could see we had completed our meals, and continued on her way.

I thought, “Surely she’ll let our waitress know we’re done and ready for our check.”  No such luck, though, as she attempted to pass by our table for a third time.

Because it was an unusually long time since we last heard from our waitress, and it was evident this waitress wasn’t going to assist us unless I said something, I said, “Excuse me. Could you please let our waitress know we’re ready for our check?”  She said, “Sure,” and I thanked her.

Within minutes, our waitress appeared. She handed me our check and apologized for not bringing it sooner. I thanked her, paid our bill, and we were on our way.

As we made our way to the game room, I thought to myself how ironic it was that we were in a sports restaurant and a waitress chose not to be a good teammate and let her team down by only worrying about her own play versus helping a teammate who needed an assist.

As we’ve often heard, and a great reminder to us all, a good teammate is someone whose attitude and actions are always motivated by what is good for the team and his or her fellow players.
Ron Goch,
The Telios Group
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