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Miracles Do Happen

February 20th 2007

Do you believe in miracles?  If not, you just might after reading the story about Khaliq Gant who has been an inspiration to many following a paralyzing injury just over one year ago while playing basketball for Cornell University.

Usually sports are about wins and losses or generating revenue, but this story is much different.

Gant was paralyzed during a collision in practice, rushed to the hospital and following a complex seven-hour surgery, Gant began a long rehabilitation process with no guarantees he’d ever be able to move his legs and arms again.

Gant, who says he was inspired by many letters and visits he received from family, friends and supporters, soon was the one inspiring others as he began scoring daily victories with his rehabilitation.

His progress has been nothing short of a miracle, as three weeks into his rehab he was able to bend his elbows and hold himself up for several seconds. That was only the start, and although he has many hours of rehab ahead of him, Gant has returned to campus as a resident assistant and gone from using a cane to walking on his own.

Gant says he’s not finished fulfilling his rehab goals, though. He would like to once day be able to sprint again.  It’s awfully hard to doubt Gant will make that dream a reality.

Ron Goch,
The Telios Group
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