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Make It a Habit to Ask “Why Not?”

April 14th 2008

Those that I work with know I enjoy asking the question “Why not?”  Like so many young kids, I likely asked this question many times as a child, and I guess over the years it’s one of those questions which stuck with me.

I frequently encourage those I work with to ask “Why not?” as well and to never settle for something they feel could be improved if they’d simply challenge the situation by asking “why not?”  Some may hearing this question, and others may find it thought provoking…to the point they question why they may be doing something a certain way and “why not” consider an alternative.

It’s no wonder our youngest daughter enjoys asking “Why not Daddy?”  even though she’s not one of the individuals I’ve encouraged to ask the question.  There are times I just want to say, “Just because,” but then I collect my thoughts, smile, and attempt to explain “why” to our daughter, or consider an alternative knowing my daughter will quickly follow with “but why Daddy?”

So the next time someone says something can’t be done or something may not be possible, instead of simply accepting that answer, I encourage you to consider smiling and asking “why not?”  You just never know when you may influence someone to think differently, look at the cup as half full versus being half empty, and ultimately change what may appear to be a no-win situation into a winning situation by simply asking “Why not?”
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