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Losing My Marbles One Saturday at a Time

May 5th 2008

I read and shared with our readers at one time an inspiring story about a man who decided to place marbles – which represented each Saturday left in his life – into a jar.

Each Saturday, he would decide how he’d spend his day, and at the conclusion of each Saturday, he’d toss one marble in the garbage, which signified his Saturday was finished and he would not ever get it back.

The inspiring story is a great reminder we need to value each Saturday by wisely choosing to invest our time with our family, our children, or other people who are special in our life and do something we enjoy versus working or wasting the day on something that isn’t significant or isn’t something we truly value.

I thought it would be interesting to use this same concept, except instead of placing marbles in a jar to signify each Saturday left in my life, why not place marbles in a jar signifying the number of Saturdays I have remaining with our youngest daughter before she turns 18 and heads to college?

I calculated the number of Saturdays before she turns 18 and what an eye-opening exercise! I ordered marbles, placed them in a jar, and I just starred at those marbles which each represented one Saturday in our daughter’s life between now and when she turns 18.

Now, as each Saturday approaches, I have a choice – I can work, take a trip with my buddies, or plan a day with our daughter (or all of our kids), and we could do something fun like campout in the backyard, see a movie together, or spend the day doing whatever our daughter would like to do.

How I choose to use the marble – or spend my Saturday – is up to me.

Once it’s used, though, that marble is tossed in the garbage and I’m left with what marbles (or Saturdays) remain in the jar.

There are no make-ups, do-over, or mulligan.  Only one choice and seeing those marbles in the container disappear each week is a powerful visual and reminder to choose and invest my time wisely.



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One Response to “Losing My Marbles One Saturday at a Time”

  1. Todd Farris says:

    Hey Ron,

    Thank you for sharing this story/article with me. It is amazing as I look back at the Saturdays, or other days, hours, minutes, I have let slip by even though I try to make a positive impact on those I associate with. Thank you for your inspiration.

    Make it a great Saturday!


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