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Last Long Training Run is in the Books

May 15th 2006

Believe it or not, I finished my last long training run in preparation to run my first marathon in a few weeks. It was indeed something to celebrate after completing my last 18-miler this past Saturday.

In the last eight weeks, I’ve logged 280-plus miles as a part of a training schedule I’ve used to prepare for the marathon, and over 520 miles the last 16 weeks.

My body is grateful we’ve reached the tapering phase of the training. It’s time to heal, re-gain full strength, and eat well the next few weeks in preparation for the marathon.

I’m looking forward to the shorter runs, and hopefully most of the aches and pains I’m feeling will subside soon.

And although I said I’m glad the long runs are over, I actually do have one more long run…26 miles and 385 yards to be exact.


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