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Kissing has It’s Own National Holiday

July 3rd 2007

Did you know “National Kissing Day” is on Fri, July 6?

I had never heard of the holiday until I read about it this past week.  The holiday is actually celebrated in Britain.  I think it’s just another way flower shops are trying to sell more flowers.

I was pretty amused by the quotes in the news release: “Apart from being jolly good fun, kissing is good for us. Fact, for those with an athletic disposition it’s worth remembering that an hour spent kissing burns off up to 600 calories, the same number as in six glasses of white wine or a medium bar of chocolate.”

I did not know that one hour of kissing could burn 600 calories, and to think all these years I’ve been trying to burn off those calories by running!

Here’s where they go a bit too far with its promotion of the holiday when they state “Kissing can help alleviate headaches (really?), helps keep your teeth clean (yuck!), and gives us happy highs due to the oxytocin it causes our bodies to release.”

Okay, who wants to take the lead on making July 6 National Kissing Day here in the U.S.?  No headaches, white teeth and the opportunity to burn 600 calories or more…sorry, not me; I’m going to stick with Valentine’s Day and my one-hour runs for burning those calories!
Ron Goch,
The Telios Group
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