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Kids Say the Funniest Things

October 11th 2006

I often wish I’d write down all the funny things I hear kids say.  They’re hilarious and most times they don’t even know they’re being funny.  They’re just being themselves and expressing what’s on their mind.

Take for instance the exchange between a seven-year old son and his Mom, whose family happens to be close friends of our family:

The mother had to attend two baby showers this past Saturday, so she explained to her seven-year old son that she was sorry she wouldn’t be able to attend his soccer game because she needed to attend the baby showers.

She communicated how she wishes she could be there, hopes he plays well, and let her son that his father would be there to cheer for him.

The son looked at his Mom and said, “Well, at least Dad made the right decision.”

Oh, too funny!

Ron Goch, The Telios Group
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