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Just Another Fan

September 22nd 2006

I recently attended a college football game with friends and we were surrounded by over 100,000 fanatical fans who only took their seat during TV commercial breaks.
When cameras went live and the ball was in play, each of those 100,000-plus fans stood and cheered. At times, it was deafening.
As a part of my every day job, I can usually be found working each week in some capacity at a sporting event.
But on this one Saturday, I was just like any other fan as I stood and cheered, clapped, and exchanged high-fives with my friends.
It was great just being a fan, enjoying the game, and the entire event atmosphere. And what a game it turned out to be – a one point win for the visiting team.
People have told me over the years how they think it’s “pretty cool” I have the opportunity to work in sports.
I’m thankful to be working in sports, something I enjoy very much. But I also think it is “pretty cool” to just be a fan!

It’s not every day I get the chance to be a cheering fan and act fanatical at a sporting event. Last Saturday, though, was one of those moments, and my friends will tell you I took full advantage of it.

Ron Goch, The Telios Group
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