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If You Could Be Anyone Who Would You Be?

April 26th 2007

If you could come back as anyone – and that could be anyone – who would you want to be?

I¬†recently heard someone ask this question to another person, and it made me think about who I’d like to come back as if I could be anyone.

I had the typical thoughts anyone might have if they could be anyone, but ultimately I kept thinking about the life I’ve been blessed to live and the opportunity to improve on my first go around.

I know to some, this sounds crazy, especially since I could be anyone and have anything as a result, but I’d definitely come back as myself.

Why, because there is much I’d Improve from my first attempt at this thing called life.

Trust me, I know I am blessed and I wouldn’t be looking for any free handouts. However, if given another shot, I’d make every effort to improve the areas I could have done better.

But, since that’s not an option, and simply a dream, I’ll make every effort to improve each day moving forward with the life, time and opportunities I’ve been give.

Ron Goch,
The Telios Group
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