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How to Enjoy Living

February 28th 2007

Our youngest daughter recently attended a book fair at our local library and insisted to my wife that she needed to buy me a book. She also wanted to pick it out herself.

As my wife tells the story, Kennedy went on her way, but instead of picking out the book herself, she stopped off at the librarian’s desk, where Ms. Joan was sitting, who according Kennedy is her “only adult friend.”

Kennedy asked Ms. Joan if she’d help her find a book.  Ms. Joan agreed and off they went as my wife acted if she didn’t see Kennedy asking Ms. Joan for help.

Ms. Joan first picked out a love story, and asked Kennedy if a book above love would be something I’d enjoy, and Kennedy (as she explained it to me) said, “No way!”

The next book Ms. Joan picked out was “How to Enjoy Living,” and she asked Kennedy if a Christian book about “How to Enjoy Living” would be something I’d like to read. Kennedy said she responded, “Well, we go to church and I know my Dad enjoys living, so he’d probably like it.”

As Kennedy explained the story of how she picked out the book, I couldn’t help but smile, laugh and give her a hug.

I usually can be found reading business books, but this week I’ll be reading “How to Enjoy Living” and thinking about how the book, written in 1982, was hand picked for me to read.

Ron Goch,
The Telios Group
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