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Hotels React to Heightened Security

August 16th 2006

A few of the national hotel chains have done a great job of quickly responding to the heightened security requirements at airports that have resulted from the alleged airline-bombing plot involving liquid explosives.

I’ve received a few email communications from hotels ensuring that they have taken measures to accommodate guest needs when they arrive on their hotel properties.

With passengers having to throw away liquid substances from their carry-on luggage, some of the hotels have taken steps to replenish nearly all forms of liquid and gel “basics” travelers have relinquished at airports across the nation.

This a great move by the hotels to respond to what could be a stressful situation for travelers and ease their concerns by providing these complimentary items to its guest at their hotels.

Here’s what one hotel email communication stated:

“We know you will be inconvenienced by these unexpected security changes, so we want to do whatever it takes to make your travel experiences less stressful.

Effective immediately, we are offering the following complimentary items:

Facial Skin Care Products

Women’s Cosmetics

Hair Care Products



Contact Lens Solution

Nail Polish and Remover

Guests can also find a list of nearby pharmacies with their telephone numbers and hours of operation to refill prescriptions or other over the counter medications.”


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