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Hawks Giving Away Lower Bowl Tickets!

April 7th 2006

Can you believe the Atlanta Hawks are giving away lower bowl tickets to see Shaq and the Miami Heat on Tues, April 18?

It’s true, but as they say, “Nothing’s FREE.”

The Hawks are offering a nice deal for anyone who places a deposit on 2006-07 Hawks season tickets.  For every $100 (per seat) deposit a person makes for 2006-07 Hawks season tickets, they will receive one Hawks-Miami lower bowl game ticket…free.

What do you think, a good deal for fans?

Many of the pro sports teams roll out its season ticket campaigns during the home stretch of its present season, and this is a good example of a team’s strategy to secure early deposits while the team is still playing versus the off-season when the team is likely not “top of mind.”

Ron Goch, The Telios Group

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