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Grandma Red Was One of a Kind

April 27th 2007

My Grandma Red, who passed away several years ago unexpectedly, was one of the kindness, most giving, and loving people I’ve ever known.

We called her Grandma Red because nearly everything in her home – including her stove! – was red. At the time, I thought it was a bit overboard. I guess, as I think back, it really was a bit much.

What I loved about Grandma Red, though, had nothing to do with her favorite color. It was all about the kind of person she was and her giving nature.

It was easy to see why my Mom was the way she was whenever Grandma Red took the train one hour from her home to ours and stayed with us for one, and some times two weeks at a time.

Although a gentle woman in nature, Grandma Red was one of those ladies the average person didn’t think twice to mess with.

There’s no question she could hold her own, and my guess is, any guy who ever thought they could take Grandma’s purse on the train ride to and from her home in Chicago would have witnessed a side of Grandma Red we rarely witnessed when she stayed with us.

The only way they would have been able to get a piece of Grandma’s purse would have been upside their head.

Grandma Red not only had a build that would deter would-be purse snatchers, but she had a one-of-a-kind hand-shake that could put a person on their needs.

I found out the hard way when Grandma Red volunteered to give me a back rub.

As Grandma asked me how she was doing, my eyeballs were as big as half-dollars and I was afraid to speak because I knew I’d sound like a girl with a high-pitched voice, so I just nodded my head in approval.

Little did she know it took a few days to recover from one of her back rubs.

But, if we could have Grandma Red back (no pun intended) in our lives after all these years, I’d gladly grind my teeth through one of those back rubs each day in exchange for enjoying her company and one of those hour-long conversations we’d have as the sun came up.

I’d also be able to tell her that, even though at the time I was growing up I gave her a hard time about all the red in her home, my favorite color is red.

Now, we don’t have a red stove in our home as Grandma did, but our company’s primary colors are red and I enjoy the color as much as I enjoyed Grandma’s company.

Ron Goch,
The Telios Group
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