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God Sure Does Have a Sense of Humor

May 5th 2006

We laugh often at the dinner table. It’s rarely just a sit down, normal eat and be done with dinner around our home.

Someone’s usually doing something that’s going to make the whole family start laughing.

Our youngest daughter is quite the jokester, and the more she sees she’s entertaining us, the more she does her thing to keep us laughing.

At times, it’s hilarious.

But there are times when I think God is showing he has a sense of humor and paying me back for all the times I was a difficult child to raise.

Like when my Mom would ask me not to use the kitchen towel to clean up spills, but I’d use a towel any way…and so does our daughter…and she’s quick to ask “what’s the big deal Daddy?” just as I used to ask my Mom and think I was pretty funny.

Well, when my daughter does it, I can’t help but laugh and think back to my childhood days and how my Mom would just love to hear today all the experiences I’m reliving with our daughter, except I’m the frustrated parent and my daughter’s having fun seeing her Daddy get all frustrated!

As they say, “What comes around goes around,” and I’m enjoying every minute of it!


Ron Goch, The Telios Group 

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