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Gap Analysis

June 13th 2006

Have you thought about where you are with your life and career and where you would like to be?

Do you get caught up in the future and dream about what it could be like for you years down the road? Do you think about the action steps and strategies necessary to convert your dreams to reality?

Have you been motivated enough by your dreams and what you could achieve that you’ve taken your thoughts, dreams and action steps and written each of them down so you can develop a roadmap to achieve your dreams?

We all have dreams, and we all know how to make those dreams come true. The difference between dreamers and achievers could be traced to one’s attitude. Successful people look at negative situations as opportunities to learn, improve and achieve.

Whether your dreams become reality is your choice. Add dates to your dreams and now you have goals.

As Napoleon Hill once said, “Whatever your mind conceive and believe, it can achieve.”


Ron Goch, The Telios Group 

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