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Experience Pays Off

July 21st 2008

Our annual week of summer camp is in the books and what a fantastic time we had in the mountains.

I had the pleasure of serving as the counselor for the K-2 boys again this summer and we had a great cabin of kids who were a lot of fun. It was non-stop activities all week long.

I really enjoy seeing a collection of kids from various backgrounds and experiences come together in a summer camp setting in the mountains where they’re dropped off by their parents, away from their families all week long, and the kids quickly learn to count on one another for support and guidance.

I came prepared, since I had been a counselor last summer, and I believe the experience helped me not only prepare for the kids, but also know what to expect from the various personalities and needs of the kids throughout the week.

The days at camp were much different than my average day of working with sports team executives, but at the same time, I get the same satisfaction of seeing a collective group of sports executives come together to support one another just as those K-2nd graders did a few weeks ago.

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