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Don’t Dump Downstream

May 25th 2006

I was running this week and noticed that spray painted by city officials above a storm drain was “Don’t Dump. We all live Downstream.”

Because I’m always on the lookout for possible blog post ideas to share with our readers, I thought this would make a great title for how people shouldn’t “dump” on others.  You know, because it all travels “downstream.”

You have a bad day, so you come home and bark at the dog, which barks at the cat, who…you get the idea.

But, I decided to research the topic a bit further to find out the true meaning behind the “Don’t Dump. We all live Downstream” slogan above the storm drains and learned a few things I wasn’t aware of before researching the topic.

“We all live Downstream” is a reference to preventing water pollution.

Did you know trees can lower air conditioning costs? Check out this web site I reviewed with other interesting facts about how we all can do our part to prevent water pollution.

As for my original idea about not dumping on others, that’s also a good idea too.

Ron Goch, The Telios Group
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