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Do Something Significant for Others

April 28th 2008

I was on a flight recently and I witnessed a passenger ask another passenger if he’d be willing to change seats so he and his wife could sit next to one another on the flight.

The man quickly replied, “I’d prefer to keep my seat,” and went back to reading his newspaper.

Hearing the original request, another man seated next to the wife said, “Excuse me, sir, I’d be happy to switch seats with you so you can sit with your wife.”  The man smiled and said, “Thank you very much.  I really appreciate you changing seats with me.”  The man said, “No worries, sir, it’s my pleasure.”

It’s interesting how one man was quick to dismiss the opportunity to positively impact another person because he didn’t want to sacrifice his comfort.  It was almost as if he prepared himself for that moment and knew that if he was asked to give up his seat, he knew exactly what he would say, “I’d prefer to keep my seat.”

On the other hand, I fund it interesting how another man seemed to also be prepared for the situation, but in a much different way…almost as if he was eager to sacrifice his comfortable isle seat for a middle seat so the couple could comfortably sit next to one another.

How many people do you think wake up and ask themselves, “What can I do today that will positively impact someone else?”

Better yet, how many people do you think wake up and prepare their mind and attitude to do something significant for others?

I guarantee the young man who was eager to exchange his comfortable seat for an uncomfortable seat prepared himself for that situation, and it likely brought him as much joy (or more) to give up his seat so the couple could enjoy the flight together.

This is a great lesson for us all.  How we prepare our minds and attitude each morning has a great impact on our actions throughout the day.

If more people prepared their mind and actions each day like the young man who gladly sacrificed his comfortable seat, there’s no question we could significantly change the world in which we live in today.

So, thanks to a young man on a flight who gladly gave up his comfortable seat, I’m preparing my mind and attitude this morning for a similar opportunity, so when it presents itself, I’ll quickly smile and be eager to make a sacrifice for someone else’s comfort and enjoyment.
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