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July 22, 2024

In today’s Sales Team Thoughts for Today, I have the following thoughts from Jeffrey Gitomer:

“Fifty percent of success is believing you can. Simply put, you become what you think about. Why do salespeople fail? Because they think they will. Do you have a positive attitude? Everyone will say yes, but less than 1 in 1, 000 actually do! One-tenth of 1%.  Are you really in that small percentile?”

For many of you, Gitomer’s thoughts and question make you think and ask the same question “Am I really in that small percentile?” And the answer is “yes.” But the answer doesn’t have to remain “yes.” It can change today to a confident “No I’m not!”

Think about it. Before today’s 8-mile training run, I have two choices of thought – to either think about negatively and let it bring my attitude down or I can think about it, smile and get excited…take it head on and enjoy the run, enjoy the pain, and enjoy the fact I’m moving a few strides closer to accomplishing my goal of running a marathon.

Heck, simply choosing to be positive puts us halfway there! Whether it’s in sales, a long run or the attitude we choose today, all we need to do is BELIEVE in ourselves.  How easy is that?

Thinking positive isn’t very difficult for me. I like having positive thoughts and enjoy believing in myself and others, but we all have those challenging moments when life throws us a curve and something isn’t as easy as we thought it might be. Those are the moments that test a person’s optimism. Those are the moments I’m going to focus on today.

Let’s look for the curve balls today. Let’s be prepared, because someone at some point is going to throw us one. And when they do, I can visualize hitting it out of the park and just smiling. As Gitomer says, “Fifty percent of success is believing you can.”

Believe you can and you will be successful.

Ron Goch, The Telios Group
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