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Ample Jobs for Choosy Youths

June 11th 2007

There are ample jobs available to youth looking for summer jobs, according to a story in The New York Times this past weekend, but not as many kids are looking to work at the state parks, summer camps or lifeguard at the lakes as they did years ago.
Instead, according to the article, students are seeking internships – paid and unpaid – that provide hands-on experience and assist in building their resume.
This is great news for college athletic departments and sports teams seeking interns. However, college athletic departments and sports teams now have additional competition for interns because summer camps and others are adapting to the needs of the students.
To attract college students, camps are working with colleges and students to create paid, non-paid and credit internships, according to the American Camp Association.

To some in the sports business, this may seem like additional competition for summer interns. To others, though, the “competition” could also be viewed as great for college students who will receive quality hands-on experience, while also an opportunity for colleges and sports teams to strengthen their working relationships with sports management programs and offer students interested in working in sports a quality internship program.
Ron Goch,
The Telios Group
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