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A Lesson in Endurance and Perseverance

May 7th 2007

The following is an excerpt of neat story by James Royer that I received via email that is a great lesson in endurance and perseverance.

In the late 1970’s, the Detroit Lions had a young assistant coach who never played collegiate or professional football, wore thick glasses, and definitely didn’t look the part of a football coach.

Many team members didn’t respect this young man, and they were often cruel to him. Former Lion and current NFL scout Russ Bolinger said this young man just took it and never responded. He just kept about his job and worked even harder to earn their respect.
One day, Bolinger asked the young coach, “Bill, why do you take it?” The young coach responded, “Because in 15 years, I will be a head coach in this league.” He was focused on his long-term goal and was willing to endure the temporary pains.

Fifteen years later, that man became an NFL head coach. His name is Bill Belichick, and as the leader of the New England Patriots, he is the only coach in NFL history to win three Super Bowls in four seasons.

Endurance and perseverance are the abilities to look to the future beyond the present and temporary pains, and Belichick pressed on toward his goal and is now considered one of the best coaches in all of sports.
Ron Goch,
The Telios Group
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