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A Funny Story From Utah

April 5th 2007

While reading a newspaper in Chicago, I came across this funny story that occurred in Utah while our family was away on a trip:
“Towards the end of an American Collegiate Hockey Association tournament game between University of Southern California and Brigham Young University, the USC goalie Mickey Meyer dropped his pants and,” according to the paper, “mooned the crowd and slapped his bare buttocks.”
As the story goes, “He was kicked out of the game and ticketed by police for lewdness – the game was being played in Utah, after all – though the crowd seemed to enjoy the gesture and gave him a standing ovation.”
Here’s the best part of the story.  According to the paper: “After Meyer left the game, he was replaced by…drum roll please…Matt Buttweiler.”

Ron Goch,
The Telios Group
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