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12 Commandments of Sports Marketing

June 7th 2007

 I received from a friend the Bill Veeck’s 12 Commandments of Sports Marketing and believe they’re not excellent for sports marketing, but applicable in many ways to business and life.  Here they are:

1. Take your work very seriously. Go for broke and give it your all.
2. Never ever take yourself seriously.
3. Find yourself an alter ego and bond with him for the rest of your professional life.
4. Surround yourself with similarly dedicated soul mates, free spirits of whom you can ask why and why not. And who can ask the same thing of you.
5. In your hiring be color blind, gender blind, age and experience-blind. You never work for Bill Veeck, you work with him.
6. If your a President, owner or operator attend every home game and don’t leave until the last out.
7. Answer all of your mail, you might learn something.
8. Listen and be available to your fans.
9. Enjoy and respect the members of the media, he stimulation and the challenge. The “them against us” mentality should only exist between the two teams on the field.
10. Create an aura in your city. Make people understand that unless they come to the ballpark, they will miss something.
11. If you don’t think a promotion is fun don’t do it. Never insult your fans.
12. Don’t miss the essence of what is happening at the moment. Let it happen. Cherish the moment and commit it to your memory.
Ron Goch,
The Telios Group
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