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“Wow” Moment in Sports

January 9th 2007

In yesterday’s Question of the Day blog, I answered a question regarding the last “wow” experience I had at a sporting event.

We received some friendly service at a concessions stand prior to a basketball game and it added to the overall event experience for me and my daughter that evening.

This wasn’t the same “wow” moment for our daughter, though.

Our daughter’s “wow” moment occurred when she realized how much the basketball players weighed. You’d think she’d be impressed by their height, but she just couldn’t get over the fact she is only 40-plus pounds and some of the basketball players weighed over 260 pounds.

Each time a player would score a basket she’d check the roster card and tell me how much they weigh. You just never know what’s going to entertain – or “wow” – your child at a sporting event.

Ron Goch,
The Telios Group
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